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> But in this community they are paid more than child care workers. Now,
> who deserves what?
> Marty Henry

Okay, this is getting way beyond the track I meant it to go, but if child
care workers are in the same boat, then they should be paid more.
Unfortunately, greater pay means greater fees, and a lot of single women
are going to then have to "ante up" in order to pay those child care
workers more.
Here's what I was trying to ask. We have two couples, both without
children. One in which the woman stays home and slaves there while the man
slaves over a fourty hour job, and one in which the opposite happens. Now,
what do you think about both couples. It would seem to me that the man who
stayed home would be seen as somewhat of a "failure" because he has to
depend on the wife to earn the money by society and by our culure, whereas
the woman staying at home would be accepted more.
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