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I think it would be interesting to focus on the hero. What
characteristics did he have that we could work for in all of our
students? How did he obtain them? Are there ways to instill them into
all of our young people?

Does anyone know anything about him? I certainly haven't seen any
coverage of him in depth in the news.

Marty Henry

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Subject: RE: Educational brainstorming
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Date: 5/27/98 10:01 AM

Does this theory of yours also explain the behavior of the boy who
stopped the shooter? If your all encompassing theory explains both the
male shooter and the male hero who, after taking a bullet to the chest,
turned to disarm the shooter, what do you suppose differentiates the
former male from the latter?

And does your theory really rest on the requirement that all the school
shootings are perpetrated by males? If so, the case of Jillian Robbins
immediately discounts the entire theory.

-Robert Weverka <>

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> It seems to me that one of the quickest ways to up the
> nuumber of male
> teachers is to put an immediate stop to the grossly preferential
> promotions of male teachers into administrative positions of power.
> The last time I looked (a while ago), 85% of teachers were
> female, and
> 95% of principals were male. That means that no sooner does a
> male get
> into teaching than he is quickly whisked up to his `proper
> place' and a
> mighty pay raise, while the female teachers, en masse, are
> (illegally)
> held in their place as pawns of the patriarchy.
> No wonder little boy privelege prevails in the schools. No
> wonder these
> little boys who make death threats and put firecrackers in
> cat's mouths
> are not stopped in their tracks early on. No wonder every last one of
> these school massacres is perpetrated by a boy.
> Marie

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