RE: Equity in policing and schools

Brown & Dempsey (
Sat, 30 May 1998 12:07:34 -0700

You wrote:

"Now that
we have achieved equity by sex in AP calculus
enrollment, it is time to
concentrate on the inequities against boys in the other
AP courses."

I don't agree that the picture is as you paint it since
you are privy to sources I don't have. I have found
that, although some few instances may favor girls, the
vast majority of the events in schools have structure
that favors boys. Yes, the ones who don't prefer the
rules are in trouble more frequently because schools
identify behaviors above academics and, as a result,
girls get grades (our current reward system.) Your
statistics establish your argument and your proofs
overlook my point: some of our kids are involved in a
system that makes success elusive. The law is clear: the
system shall not mediate against success for anyone based
on gender, etc. I am sure you are accurate when you
allege some inequities the other way but I find more
iniquities supporting the position I have taken.

If boys are shorted in some schools the same set of laws
would mitigate the situation to find equal treatment.
My view of the situation when I tend my garden will
continue to motivate me to implement the environment I
believe appropriate. You will also do what you must,
but I have three sons and two daughters and I spent 33
years in the classroom watching what came in and what
went out. Girls are being shortchanged by the
infrastructure that still gives two of every three
positions in athletics to boys. Access to some
professions is apparently built by men to favor men and
until the target of Title IX (and other laws) is
achieved, I will take my battles where I find them.

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