FYI Canton, Ohio

Linda Purrington (
Sun, 31 May 1998 09:51:28 -0700

>CANTON, Ohio, May 29 (UPI) - The Canton Board of Education and a former
>middle school teacher are being sued for $7 million by a teenager who
>alleges the teacher raped her and other girls.
>The civil lawsuit alleges the school's principal, when informed about the
>crime, did nothing to stop the attacks.
>The Hartford Middle School social studies teacher, Milton Dave, 41, was
>convicted of molesting a student in 1994 and served a two-year sentence.
>But in March, the 5th Ohio District Court of Appeals overturned Dave's
>conviction, ruling prosecutors improperly questioned him about allegations
>he had molested five other children.
>The lawsuit was filed by Akron lawyer Edward Gilbert, who told UPI today
>that his client _ now 18-years-old _ and other girls had told Hartford
>Principal Richard Brown that Dave made sexual remarks in class and fondled
>Gilbert said: ``He had a habit of harassing the girls, touching their
>breasts, their rear, making comments in open class regarding the kids. He
>did have forced intercourse with one client. DNA confirmed that. He was
>convicted and then reversed on appeal.''
>He indicated the action targets both the school board and Dave. ``They
>went to the principal and informed him. They were berated. They were
>reduced to tears, basically thrown out of the office and no investigation

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