Re: 20/20
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 23:44:51 -0400

Elizabeth Homer wrote:
> The 20/20 story tonight could not have been more disappointing. IMHO,
> John Stossel was out to shock and was pretty biased.
> The show was promoted with "The end of sports in schools?" Yes, as if Title
> IX,which has actually added many new players to the athletics rosters,
> was going to
> end all sports.
> After giving a number of examples of where boys sports have been
> cut in order to equalize girls and boys sports, his chat with
> Barbara Walters ended with her saying "Once you have a law its
> awful hard to get rid of it." Does she really want to get
> rid of Title IX? I refer you to ABC at
> You can download
> a promotional video clip and play it on REALPLAY.
> To comment try: >

Wasn't that 20/20 report outrageous? It was not balanced at all and it
incorrectly stated the law. It seemed more intended to sensationalize
than inform. Any other comments out there?

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