Re: The value of Work

Larry Conant (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 10:22:45 -0500

Bob Tighe said:

Undervalued is a relative term, and the value placed on human
effort is determined by those who make the decisions. Because
the decisions are made almost exclusively by wealthy white men,
poor men become cannon fodder and poor people of both genders
and all races become industrial fodder. The reality is not
as simple as you imply.

However, even poor white men have something in common with rich
white men, so white men tend to get paid better, although they
are often still undervalued. Women and minorities are a few steps
further down on the value ladder.

The work and societal contributions of women have always been
undervalued, the occupations traditionally filled mostly by women
have always been underpaid, and these tendencies continue.

-- Bob Tighe

Bob (and others),

Where would you place wealthy, powerful women (rare though they may be)
on your ladder; below working-class, white men?

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