Small Town White Boys - Big Time Coverup

marie De Santis (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 13:36:49 PDT

If you look at 100 plane crashes and find that 98 of those crashes
resulted from rudder failure, every rule of common sense and logic says
that you must focus in on the rudder problem to prevent future crashes.

The same rules of common sense and logic say that if you want to prevent
future mass killings at schools, take a look at what those killings have
in common.

Everyone of those mass killings was perpetrated by a boy.
Everyone of those mass killings was perpetrated by a white boy.
Everyone of those mass killings was perpetrated by a small town white

Since small town white boys are only a very small segment of the
population, any analysis that doesn't focus in on the question of what's
wrong with small town white boys, is so flipped out of the orbit of
common sense as to suggest another question that may be even more

How is it that so many educated people can purport to be putting their
minds to analysing these killings, and so universally neglect to notice
or mention the most salient features of those crimes?

The strength of the denial is awesome, and by itself, goes far to
explain why this kind of violence continues.

One other significant fact; almost all mass murderers in the US are
white males.

Guns, one of the favorite decoy villains of these discussions, although
they certainly facilitate these mass murders, do not explain them.
Black males, Latin males,, and even females, have plenty of access to
guns, but by and large they do not commit mass murder.


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