RE: Answering pro-affirmative action comments.

Brown & Dempsey (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 09:08:21 -0700


You said, "Meritocracy is a
myth, John."

I am an older white male. I also KNOW that white
privilege is alive and well. I have a wife, two
daughters, and have taught for 33 years in a system
where girls are second-class citizens with limited
access to everything from facilities to instruction. I
doubt that only the disenfranchised are aware of the

Native Americans and, more recently, Cambodians join
women as specific objects of the societal
"disenfranchisement" and those are only a few of the
groups that will freely doubt the accuracy (if not the
spirit) of John's point.

Herb Dempsey

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