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Wed, 3 Jun 1998 11:01:14 -0700


You wrote, "The 20/20 story tonight could not have been
more disappointing." and I fully agree. I would not,
however, have expected any more or less from a network
whose architects are fascinated with Monday Night
Football, The NBA World Championships and the World
Series. They bid on them, they consider their loss to
be a loss in a high stakes game of marketing and top
executives are hired or fired based on this success in
the marketplace.

I would have been surprised if John Stossel, who has a
long history in tabloid journalism, working on a network
with a history of perpetuating the stereotypical male
success patterns, dominated by a corporate
infrastructure characterized by a glass ceiling in
several lawsuits by female execs were to suddenly
change its corporate policy and began to promote
anything that supported the equality of females. I was
not surprised. I did tell ABC.

Herb Dempsey

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