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About 20/20:

JOHN STOSSEL (VO) At Merritt Island High in Florida, the boys' baseball
field was nicer than the girls' softball field. The boys had lights, big
bleachers, concession stand and scoreboards. The girls didn't, and the
grass was better on the boys' field. But this
was not because the school spent more on the boys. The school gives the
same amount to each team, but the boys and their coach and parents did
more on this field on their own.

school board paid for any of this.
JOHN STOSSEL (VO) Coach Chuck Goldfarb got sponsors to chip in in
exchange for these signs. Parents and players built this concession
stand and these bleachers. And several times a year, they go to
work on the grass.

HAROLD BISTLINE, SCHOOL BOARD ATTORNEY On the weekends and at night,
they come out here, and they get out on their hands and knees, and they
weed this baseball field.

JOHN STOSSEL (on camera) For nothing?


JOHN STOSSEL (VO) But a court told school board lawyer Harold Bistline
that it doesn't matter if parents pay and do the extra work. Under Title
IX, the boys still cannot have a better field. Last fall, softball
players Jennifer and Jessica Daniels sued the school board for

My comments:

Why didn't these girls work with their coach and parents to raise the
money? Are they afraid of the thought of working hard? Then they'll
find real life after they graduate college is a real struggle. When I
was in high school, the school board refused to fund the school
newspaper. Instead of pointing fingers at and "the evil, oppressive
patriarchy," I spent three weeks of my summer vacation selling
advertising for my school paper. I raised over $1,000 so the students
of my high school could have a newspaper printed on newsprint instead of
being a bunch of photocopies.


JOHN STOSSEL (on camera) So the school board proposed a solution. They
would unplug the boys' scoreboard, shut down the concession stand and
the press box and rope off these bleachers so no one could sit here.
That would make things equal. So make things equal by taking away from
the boys?

My comments:

These boys, parents, and the coach worked hard so they should be

JENNIFER DANIELS We were really upset about the whole thing because
they took it the wrong way.

JOHN STOSSEL (VO) The twins say they didn't fill their suit to hurt the

My comments:

This would never have happened in the first place if these girls got off
their whiney asses and worked hard like the boys.


LISA TIETIG, DANIEL TWINS' ATTORNEY They have an obligation to regulate
those private donations so that they're given fairly. Now if that means

JOHN STOSSEL (on camera) The school board has to tell parents who they
can give to?

LISA TIETIG No, they can say, "You can donate that money, but you can't
use it until the girls have an equal amount."

My comments:

Well, the girls would get an equal amount if they worked hard.


JOHN STOSSEL (VO) It would be funny if it weren't so expensive. Maybe
Title IX lawsuits are increasing because lawyers are so interested in
equality. But I suspect the fact that lawyers can profit so handsomely
has something to do with it. If Lisa Tietig wins, judges have ruled that
she can collect more than her usual $150 an hour fee. On these civil
rights cases, lawyers like her can get as much as $900 per hour. (on
camera) You're asking for double your costs, triple your costs?

LISA TIETIG Right, and the reason for that is because we put that money
into other lawsuits.

JOHN STOSSEL So you have an incentive to keep finding those inequities
and suing?

LISA TIETIG Sure, that's built into the law. Right? And

JOHN STOSSEL And that's a good thing?


My comments:

It's so "great" that one woman's suffering is another's pleasure.


JOHN STOSSEL (VO) It's not so good for taxpayers. Tietig's now suing 10
Merritt Island high schools. Every dollar for that means less for the
fields. (on camera) You could have built almost a major league park for
what you're going to pay lawyers now.

My comments: The people encouraging this extremism should start
admiting the good cause has turn to hurt both boys and girls.

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