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Sue Sattel (
Thu, 04 Jun 98 10:56:15 cnt

I agree with Liz' comments about the 20/20 story on Title IX. It is interesting
that fewer males are going out for sports, in Minneapolis High Schools it has
dropped from 5,000-6,000 to 1,966 steadily between 1953 to 1997; while females
have held pretty steady at between 1,500 to 2,600, mostly 1,700 between 1974
(when it was 2,000 and 1997 when it is 1,700) indicating to me that much more is
going on than Title IX. Jobs perhaps? Frisbee and Hackeysack and other
"sports" for instance? There are many reasons boys may not play varsity sports.
Boys sports are not cut in secondary schools in our state - except once when
boys gymnastics had a great decline in participants - but, locally, it is a very
unpopular thing to do. The Colleges and Universities, however, use, in my
opinion, Title IX as the excuse to cut and make changes, but, also in my
opinion, colleges and universities have been behind the curve on Title IX
throughout the years rather than ahead of it as regards Title IX anyway.

Barbara Walters comment may have been an accident, but it is also the
political agenda behind the John Stossel's of the country - to get rid
of Title IX and its protections for equalizing athletic opportunity
and for empowering women too greatly with sexual harassment
prohibitions - in my opinion. - Barbara, it is not hard to lose a law!
It is hard to get one and to keep it. Brown vs. The Board of
Education didn't change much between 1954 and 1960. It was when
people started to use it, as in the sit-down actions and the freedom
rides that things started to change, and it is now that we are really
making progress on Title IX that "misinformation" such as Stossel's
will be spread until it becomes (another of their favorite words)
commonsense that we should have this law and "favor girls", who after
all aren't even a minority. Throw in those that support single sex
schools and classrooms and you can see how effective this
misinformation political agenda, campaign to eliminate Title IX is

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