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I think this is a great idea! Although some may disagree with calling
attention to boys' issues in our society for only one day - it is still one
day - more than is called attention to now! I know there is a backlash
against "take our daughters to work" - some may think as John Meyer's does
that this is a glorified field trip - it still has validity! Unfortunately
days like these (as well as "black history month" or "women's history
month") are still needed since our society is still lacking so much in
cultural (as well as gender) appreciation!!! "Reclaim our Sons" should be
done every day - but so shouldn't "Black History" and "Women's History"!!!!

Tracey Marino

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> Susan M. Wozny wrote:
> > I am also very disturbed over the shootings occurring across the
> > I have a son and I am very concerned about the world he is growing up
> > My idea is somewhat based on the concept of "Taking Our Daughters to
> > I believe our sons are in danger of becoming part of a society based
> > violence, guns, and a disregard of humankind. I would like to see a
> > devoted to our sons, such as, "Reclaiming Our Sons." This could be a
> > that we spend time with our sons promoting non-violence, nurturing, and
> > working toward banning weapons. I want to re-claim my son from a
> > society and teach him a better way. I already do this but I would like
> > everyone to do this and hopefully save our sons and daughters from
> > like this.
> >
> > Does anyone think this might be a good idea or have any input. Just an

> > idea, nice to meet everyone.
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