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You wrote "*" many comments about the fine volunteer work that has gone to
building the many wonderful toys the boys play with and within as detailed in
the 20/20 script. I would be fascinated to see the analysis that includes the
training and experience of the coaches who had the time and experience to build
the programs and marshal the support of the boosters (parents in most cases) who
you use to excuse the despicable actions of the school boards that permit the
programs for the boys to be so enhanced. The coaches for the girls are
generally less well prepared and much less experienced. The coaches for the
girls are, in many cases, only coaching the girls until they can find an
opening on the staff for the boys' team. May I suggest an alternative that
creates a baseball program with two teams, one for boys and one for girls, that
uses interchangeable fields of equal quality on which everyone works for all of
the kids.

I would be interested in the annuals from the schools involved. I bet the boys'
baseball team always has top billing and even, perhaps, twice as many pages full
of pictures. I would be interested in knowing: how many coaches are contracted
for each team; how well developed the output is for the girls' publicity
program; how often the uniforms are replaced in each of the programs; who mows
and manicures the respective fields and the list goes on. Stossel was impressed
by what he sees. He was not impressed by the nasty little details that created

Herb Dempsey

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