Re: Men-only affirmative action? Alive and Well!

marie De Santis (
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 00:27:22 PDT


I think you are terribly wrong on so much of this.

As for "almost only men die on the battlefields", that may be true of
the US because our wars of this century have been foughtt in other
countries. I don't remember the exact figures, but the UN has reported
that increasingly the principle victims of wars around the world are
women and children.

As for "almost only men die in work accidents", you're way off the
mark. Over one million women die in the labor of child bearing every
year. One million women, Guy, one million women dead every year. You
engage in classic male centered-think when you drop from your equation
the principle work that women have been allowed to do in the world.

As for child support, you completely forget to factor in the value of
the woman's work and her financial contribution in child rearing. As for
alimony, you forget to factor in women's contributions to the earning
power of the relationship.

As such, not only the facts of money and power distribution in the
world, but also male thinking such as yours, that outright annihilates
the realities of women's lives, illustrates the need to put a hard and
fast stop to men-only affirmative action.

As for "almost every person in prison happens to be a man", this is
true. Apparently even men can't tolerate the level of violence and
anti-social behavior of so many of their brothers.

>I agree with you, things have to change. I mean, it's so unfair.
>Almost only men die on the battlefields, almost only men die in work
>accidents, the vast majority of those who are lucky enough to pay
>and child support are men, and almost every person in
prison happens to >be a man. I can't begin to express
how much I look forward to sharing >all those
wonderful opportunities with women.

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