Re: Men-only affirmative action?

Linda Purrington (
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 10:26:05 -0700

Guy Giffard wrote [and I rebut]:
>[GG:] I agree with you, things have to change. I mean, it's so unfair.
> Almost only men die on the battlefields,

[LP: a great grief; 1 percent in this century; none at the hands of
women; we have been excluded from politics]

[GG:] almost only men die in work accidents

[LP:] each such death is a grief; we would probably die there too if we
had access to jobs, such as at Johnson Controls--see US Supreme Court
docket on discimination against women at dangerous jobs "for their own
good"], and we needs such jobs desperately to support our children;

[GG:] the vast majority of those who are lucky enough to pay alimony
and child support are men . . .

[LP:] the vast majority of those who bear children are women; only 25%
of court-ordered child support is ever paid, such child support orders
are disgustingly low, women after divorce sink to 75% of income, and
usually also support their children; men after divorce experience sudden
rise in disposable income,

[GG:] and almost every person in prison happens to be a man.

[LP: not placed there by women; the mill of patriarchal economics grinds
long and exceedingly fine--grinds men into dust as well as women; and note
that women in prisons are not allowed to have abortions; this is corporeal

[GG:] can't begin to express how much I look forward to sharing
> all those wonderful opportunities with women.

[LP:} We too look forward to sharing your right to join the Citadel, the
army and navy and air force on equal terms; we look forward to sharing
with you child birth and death on its battlegrounds, including in
abortions because we cannot afford the children you force on us; we look
forward to sharing the power to decide on--or against--the wars that
send our sons and husbands and lovers and nephews into death. We look
forward to sharing an equal decision on whether to fund B-52 bombers or
education. We look forward to driving the family car an equal amount of
the time. We look forward to the time when you say you'll do the dishes,
and you even do the pots; to the time when we can say no when we do not
want you to have sex with us--and you cease and desist. We really do
want equality, Guy. Without equality our relations with men can never be
a full friendship for either of us. And we really can't wish that over
and over on the world of our children and grandchildren.
Linda Purrington,
Title IX Advocates

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