RE: Small Town White Boys - Big Time Coverup

Robert McIntosh (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 14:16:27 -0700

Your straight-forward insights are refreshing. I, too am mystified by
the "sense of denial" that pervades this issue.

Maria>The strength of the denial is awesome, and by itself, goes far to
explain why this kind of violence continues.

One other significant fact; almost all mass murderers in the US are
white males.

Bob>I agree. I've always felt that we engender feelings of entitlement
in white males that make them think they have to exert this kind of
power over other human beings. It's related to why so many beat their
wives and molest their children.

Marie>Guns, one of the favorite decoy villains of these discussions,
they certainly facilitate these mass murders, do not explain them.

Bob>There may be a connection between the small towns (rural) and the
guns. Their is a pervasive gun culture in rural America. Guns are a
family affair and children and guns are seen like children in wine are
in France.

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