Re: Re(2): Small Town White Boys - Big Time Coverup
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 17:23:23 EDT

There is no question that the recent murders in schools have been committed by
boys, yes they happen to be white and yes they are from small towns. Those are
interesting facts and are probably no coincidence. There must be something at
work in the way these children are being socialized that has to do with
specific factors in the way these boys are being or are not being brought up.
But I still think that this is still not yet a ''small town white boy
phennomenon and that children of all races are just as capable of violence and
that points out to one or various commom denominators which must of us in this
list are somewhat familiar with. Mainly the sexist culture that so much
glorifies male power and male supremacy in the form
of pathological violence.


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