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CF: You wrote: "While not an attempt to
answer my own question, it would appear that there is a
lot at stake to do, so...uh, er, like the dismantling of
institutional and cultural patriarchy?"

Back when I retired, my wife in her doctoral mode,
bought me a copy of Kimmel and Mossmiller's book,
"Against the Tide; Pro-feminist Men in the United States
1776-1990." She thought it might be helpful to me as a
patriarch approaching a project that should end in
dismantling a patriarchy.

In the 500 or so pages of the book are many essays,
anecdotes, speeches and sketches of men who consider
aspects and facets as they slowly and precisely turn the
gem of gender and study the reflected ideas and issues.
There isn't a conclusion but there are enough questions
that your point is well taken. The task of dismantling
the institutional and cultural patriarchy does put a lot
at stake. The book (Beacon Press, 1992) does offer some
tactics and strategies underlying such a task and I
highly recommend it for anyone who has yet to file the
first OCR complaint. Incidentally the book does not
have a section on OCR complaints, that is just the route
I have chosen to try for the moment.

Herb Dempsey

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