RE: Re(2): Small Town White Boys - Big Time Coverup

Robert McIntosh (
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 14:55:34 -0700

Lesemann says:
But I still think that this is still not yet a ''small town
white boy
phennomenon and that children of all races are just as capable
of violence

I still think you are in a state of denial! It's definitely
true that males are socialized to resort more readily to violence in
this country. But if you look at the type of violence that most
minority men are engaged in, it involves the shattering of personal
relationship. Very often these are crimes of passion. What we are
talking about with these mass murders has a very different quality to
it. It is much more impersonal. A striking out at society in general.
I think it is important to make these distinctions if we're going to
talk about what is really happening.
To ignore that race is part of the mix impedes your
understanding of the dynamics involved. Black boys and boys of other
minorities certainly harbor as much anger as other races, but for some
reason they don't take their weapons into schools and start
indiscriminately wiping people out. Why not? What is it about how
white boys view the world that makes them capable of this impersonal
vengeance? I think it is much more instructive when the question is
framed in these terms.


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