20/20, Stossell & Boys -Reply

PEGGY WEEKS (peggy_w@nde4.nde.state.ne.us)
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 08:41:25 -0500

As usual, Craig, you bring such honest insight to issues. Thanx. As to
my reaction to your question regarding the "why" of violence as
unowned male issue when the math/science underrepresentation issue
has been recognized- I think that violence and power in its purest
negative forms have been glorified for males as a part of the cruel hoax
of sex roles in this country. Males are constantly expected to show
power as control over things/people or their very identity as male is
challenged. This sick message is coming home to haunt us all. The
math/science "thing" is easier to acknowledge- It's cerebral, theoretical
and not so bound in identity issues for males. Anyhow, that's my

Peggy Weeks

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