Re: Title IX and Amy Love!
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 15:04:08 -0400

Remember: Title IX appplies to educational institutions that receive
federal money. It sounds like this soccer league is a town or community
thing, not affiliated with a school. If that's the case there's probably
no Title IX recourse.

I forget what state you are in, to see what state constitution or public
accommodation laws might apply.

Does the league have a set of non-discrimoination policies?

good luck

ray on 06/10/98 11:14:21 AM

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Subject: Re: Title IX and Amy Love!

A posibly DUMB question considering that I have been speaking and
regarding the ''politics'' of TITLE IX.
My 10 yr old daughter quit her travel soccer team because of problems with
coach. She is now training with an ALL boys team. She is a GOOD as any of
and even better than some of the boys in this team. We would like her to
remain in this team if she decides because it is the BEST team in the
and unfortunately none of the girls teams are as good. The coach in this
however, has been hinting that she should try out for the other girls
If Ingrid wants to try out formally for this team and makes it but the
coach is
not ''thrilled'' does she have a right under TITLE IX ?????

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