RE: Title IX and Athletics Fact Sheet

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Thu, 11 Jun 1998 13:45:24 -0700


You wrote:
"FYI--I'm forwarding a new fact sheet on Title IX and
athletics developed by the National Women's Law Center.
This document provides facts to counter myths like those
included in the 20/20 piece."

The fact sheet from NWLC is excellent but I really like
reading the full text of Cohen IV since Judge Bownes has
done a beautiful job of defining this battle for the
foreseeable future. A full text copy of the decision
can be had for the downloading from Brown University
News Bureau Archives at:
Reading the decision will ruin a weekend but when one
realizes that the Supreme Court thought enough of the
decision that it wouldn't touch it even after the nine
(or was it seven) amicus briefs hit the table, I must
accept that this is where we are in Title IX and

I loved the NWLC summary and it is surely a very good
starting point. Thanks for forwarding.

Herb Dempsey

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