Re: Re(2): Small Town White Boys - Big Time Coverup
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 12:29:09 EDT

Why on earth would I be in a ''state of denial". Iam not denying anything.
The only thing that I do not entirely agreee with is to categorize this
violence ''as white''...why ''color ''it? We already agreed that boys of all
races are capable of the same intensity and amount of violence because there
''is'' something in the way male children have been socialized. The only
diference between the criminal acts of white boys vs. boys of other races is
the Target. Tha in itself becomes a ''variable'' but the basic mechanism of
Vilolence remains the same regardless of wht ''took'' to get them to that

The readiness. the anger, the socialization, both outside and inside the home
and many other factors are the things that should be looked at. the ''color'' is
a biological fact not necessarly a ''reason'' for committing these crimes. Again
this is not a black/white question. This school violence is about ''gender
targets'' it isn't about race.


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