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> A posibly DUMB question considering that I have been speaking and complaining
> regarding the ''politics'' of TITLE IX.
> My 10 yr old daughter quit her travel soccer team because of problems with the

> coach. She is now training with an ALL boys team. She is a GOOD as any of them

> and even better than some of the boys in this team. We would like her to
> remain in this team if she decides because it is the BEST team in the league
> and unfortunately none of the girls teams are as good. The coach in this team,

> however, has been hinting that she should try out for the other girls teams.
> If Ingrid wants to try out formally for this team and makes it but the coach
> not ''thrilled'' does she have a right under TITLE IX ?????
> Lesemann

Where do you live? I could forward your request to the soccer coaching
list and probably find a team that would love to have her join them...

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