Re: Title IX and Amy Love!

Linda Purrington (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 13:34:07 -0700

Whoa! If a league that is not part of a school plays on the fields of a
school that is in any part of its programs receiving federal funds, then
yes, Title IX does apply to the behavior of that league.

That is exactly how Amy Love desegregated California Youth Soccer
League--the league was playing on school gounds. Note that it does not
have to be the fields that were funded with federal funds; maybe the
government bought the school a mango-vending machine for the school
library. That is still federal funds flowing into a district. And the
taxpayers have a right to make sure that their dollars are not subverted
into paying for discrimination elsewhere in the school system.

Linda Purrington
Title IX Advocates wrote:
> Remember: Title IX appplies to educational institutions that receive
> federal money. It sounds like this soccer league is a town or community
> thing, not affiliated with a school. If that's the case there's probably
> no Title IX recourse.
> I forget what state you are in, to see what state constitution or public
> accommodation laws might apply.
> Does the league have a set of non-discrimoination policies?
> good luck
> ray

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