Re: SAT and minority issues

Fri, 12 Jun 1998 14:50:54 -0600

You wrote:
I am wondering if anyone has any information/resources on facts that support >
that the SAT should be dropped from admissions requirements because they are >
biased and inequitable against minorities.

First, a good collection of essays regarding Black students and
standardized testing, including three specifically dealing with
the SAT:

Testing African American Students ISBN: 0942-683-11-8
Asa G. Hilliard III Aaron Press

Then, the classic review of testing (and interpretation of test
results) which shows that bias against minorities and women and
lower socioeconomic groups has a very long and pernicious history:

The Mismeasure of Man ISBN: 0-393-31067-1
Stephen Jay Gould WW Norton & Co.

Hope this helps.
-- Bob Tighe

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