Re: 20/20
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 15:28:35 EDT

Well guess we can also invite Stossel to one of the largest best financed
soccer programs in the state of the New York. My daughter plays for the Stony
Brook Soccer Club which has the backing of the Stony Brook University. They
have donated beautiful self irrigated fields etc etc. Well one should see the
unfortunate sight of all girls teams vs the boys teams. Unfortunally most of
the time the boys (same age as the girls) outplay the girls and my husband
and I can only stand there and shake our heads because it has to do with so
many factors among them the fact that girls begin to play much later than boys
in their lifes and that the attitude they have in the field is not the same
the boys have built ''thanks'' to the way they are brought up by parents and
the messages thay are given.

Boys show so more personal and atletic confidence and that of course is the
one thing you need to be a succesful ahtlete. Our daughter is practicing
with the best boys travel team now and she can definitely out play some of
the boys but that is rare and due to the kind of parenting we have given
her in that respect. The coach however is starting to show signs of
''nervousness'' and has been asking us repeatedly'' what girls
teams'' she is going to be trying with....The fact is that we are interested
in her playing with this all boys team but we were told that that ''is never
been done before......

Ha! what an OLD and Tiring story......Stossel should come and film it..
and the fact that they have totallly separated the try outs so that if
girls to try out for the boys teams it conflicts with them trying also for
the girls teams !!!!!


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