He's driving Your Car, Madam!

Linda Purrington (lpurring@earthlink.net)
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 15:06:45 -0700

A wakeup call--yet again? One gets tired of wakeup calls after
generations pass. But there is educational value in all these little
reminders: Tell yourself--and your daughter--that if you are driving
behind a male in a fancy car--he's driving your car, which educational
and economic affirmative action got for him.


Marty Henry wrote:
> When I heard this on TV on the morning news, I wondered if this was suppose to
> make me feel better. I couldn't decide if it was a celebration or wake!
> Marty
> mhenry@mcrel.org

> Wage Gap Between the Sexes Is Narrowing
> WASHINGTON -- The strong economy and an increase in the minimum wage
> have helped narrow the wage gap between the sexes by about 3 cents on the
> since last spring, the Clinton Administration has reported.
> "White, college-educated males have always done the best, but as the
> economy gets tighter, other people get more opportunities," Rick McGahey,
> the Assistant Labor Secretary for Policy, said on Monday.
> With unemployment at its lowest level in 28 years, companies are
> scrambling to find and keep workers, opening higher paying jobs and promotions
> to women and members of minorities.
> In addition, since women still tend to be concentrated in the
> lowest-paying jobs, the increase in the minimum wage to $5.15 an hour last
> summer is also credited with helping to improve their earning power
> compared with men, McGahey said.
> In the 12 months ending March 31, the median weekly wage for women
> working full time grew 6.6 percent, to $455 from $427, the department said.
> Men's median wage grew by 2.4 percent, to $596 from $582.
> As a result, women earned 76 cents for every dollar men made in the
> first quarter of 1998, compared with 73 cents in the same period of 1997.
> Wednesday, June 10, 1998

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