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Mon, 15 Jun 1998 20:54:05 -0400

If Stony Brook is involved, it could be a Title IX violation. It is also likely
a violation of state public accommodations law. Let me know if you want to
discuss the issue more.

Kristen Galles, Equity Legal. wrote:

> Well guess we can also invite Stossel to one of the largest best financed
> soccer programs in the state of the New York. My daughter plays for the Stony
> Brook Soccer Club which has the backing of the Stony Brook University. They
> have donated beautiful self irrigated fields etc etc. Well one should see the
> unfortunate sight of all girls teams vs the boys teams. Unfortunally most of
> the time the boys (same age as the girls) outplay the girls and my husband
> and I can only stand there and shake our heads because it has to do with so
> many factors among them the fact that girls begin to play much later than boys
> in their lifes and that the attitude they have in the field is not the same
> the boys have built ''thanks'' to the way they are brought up by parents and
> the messages thay are given.
> Boys show so more personal and atletic confidence and that of course is the
> one thing you need to be a succesful ahtlete. Our daughter is practicing
> with the best boys travel team now and she can definitely out play some of
> the boys but that is rare and due to the kind of parenting we have given
> her in that respect. The coach however is starting to show signs of
> ''nervousness'' and has been asking us repeatedly'' what girls
> teams'' she is going to be trying with....The fact is that we are interested
> in her playing with this all boys team but we were told that that ''is never
> been done before......
> Ha! what an OLD and Tiring story......Stossel should come and film it..
> and the fact that they have totallly separated the try outs so that if
> girls to try out for the boys teams it conflicts with them trying also for
> the girls teams !!!!!
> Lesemann

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