More Small Town White Boys - Big Time Coverup

marie De Santis (
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 21:18:38 PDT

Today, the Press Democrat of Sonoma County printed a list of school
shootings during the 1990's. I've taken out some of the text for
brevity, and I've added each town's population from the 1990 census.


May 21, 1998, Springfield, Ore., Pop. 44,600, two killed at school,
parents killed at home, six wounded. accused, Kipland Kinkel, age 15.

May 19, 1998, Fayetteville, Tenn, Pop. 6,900, one killed, accused, Jacob
Davis, age 18

April 24, 1998, Edinboro, Penn, Pop. 7,700, one killed, two wounded,
perpetrator 14yr old boy.

March 24, 1998, Jonesboro, Ark, Pop. 46,5005 killed, 11(?) wounded,
accused, two boys ages 11 and 13

Dec 1, 1997, Paducah, Ky, Pop. 27,256, three killed, five wounded,
accused, 14yr old boy

Oct 1, 1997, Pearl, Miss., Pop. 19,500, two killed at school, 7 wounded,
mother killed off school, accused, 16yr old boy.

Feb. 19, 1997, Bethel, Alaska, Pop., 4,600, two killed, two wounded,
perpetrator, Evan Ramsey, age 16

Feb. 2, 1996, Moses Lake, Wash, Pop. 11, 200, three killed, perpetrator
Barry Loukaitis, age 14.

Jan. 18, 1995, Grayson, Ky. Pop. 3,500, one killed, one wounded,
perpetrator, Scott Pennington, age 17

May 1, 1992, Olivehurst, CA, Pop. 9,700, four killed, ten wounded,
perpetrator, Eric Houston, age 20

Stunningly, nine of the ten shootings had more than one victim, not one
of these shootings took place in a town of population more than 50,000,
and seven of the ten occurred in towns with a population under 20,000.

The possibility of these demographics occurring by chance are virtually
nil! School mass shootings are clearly a phenomena of small town white


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