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Marty Henry (
Thu, 11 Jun 98 16:52:31 -0700

Or is it an issue of women becoming more empowered and males relenquishing some
of the power. This, too, has an impact on our own self-efficacy.


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Subject: 20/20, Stossell & Boys -Reply
Author: <> at Internet-Mail
Date: 6/11/98 8:41 AM

As usual, Craig, you bring such honest insight to issues. Thanx. As to
my reaction to your question regarding the "why" of violence as
unowned male issue when the math/science underrepresentation issue
has been recognized- I think that violence and power in its purest
negative forms have been glorified for males as a part of the cruel hoax
of sex roles in this country. Males are constantly expected to show
power as control over things/people or their very identity as male is
challenged. This sick message is coming home to haunt us all. The
math/science "thing" is easier to acknowledge- It's cerebral, theoretical
and not so bound in identity issues for males. Anyhow, that's my

Peggy Weeks

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