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Fri, 12 Jun 1998 14:28:00 -0700

Your vehemence and defensiveness about this issue interest me. I can
see that neither of us will convince the other of our point of view. We
are looking at the world through very different lenses.
As a black man, my filter almost always involves race. White people are
very subtley trained that they are entitiled to positions of power and
privelege in this society. People of other races do not receive this
message as part of their upbringing. My point was that I believe that
this white training influences the way that male violence training is
manifested in white males. Violence itself is not "white". Massacres
appear to be.

You either don't understand what I'm talking about or disagree. That's
fine. The discussion itself is what's important. These events have
been deeply disturbing to me and I'm very concerned about their
commentary on our society.


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> Why on earth would I be in a ''state of denial". Iam not denying
> anything.
> The only thing that I do not entirely agreee with is to categorize
> this
> violence ''as white''...why ''color ''it? We already agreed that boys
> of all
> races are capable of the same intensity and amount of violence because
> there
> ''is'' something in the way male children have been socialized. The
> only
> diference between the criminal acts of white boys vs. boys of other
> races is
> the Target. Tha in itself becomes a ''variable'' but the basic
> mechanism of
> Vilolence remains the same regardless of wht ''took'' to get them to
> that
> point.
> The readiness. the anger, the socialization, both outside and inside
> the home
> and many other factors are the things that should be looked at. the
> ''color'' is
> a biological fact not necessarly a ''reason'' for committing these
> crimes. Again
> this is not a black/white question. This school violence is about
> ''gender
> targets'' it isn't about race.
> unmaterial.

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