Ed equity web sites?

Cynthia J. Mesh (cmesh@connectnet.com)
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 14:21:15 -0700

I've been surfing the web looking for a comprehensive/"clearinghouse" type of
web site on the topic of gender equity in education. Not just math, science and
tech., not just vocational ed., etc.. but rather a web site listing the whole
gamut of resources, web sites and organizations working in the area of gender
equity in education from pre-school through higher ed. with all the different
kinds of education in between.

Does anyone know of a web site like this? Could you send me the URL?

If you know of sites that are very complete in a particular area of gender
equity in ed. if not for the whole range, please pass them along.

If a clearinghouse type site doesn't yet exist, would readers of EDEQUITY and
others find a site like this interesting and useful?

I would love to hear feedback on this idea as I am working on developing such a
site (assuming it doesn't already exist).

Thanks for your comments. Feel free to send them directly to me if you prefer.

C. Mesh

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