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Whoa! You wrote:
"You cannot fully address these issues in the schools
without also dealing with them in the larger community.
research notes that vicarious learning is nearly as
successful as
experiential learning; effective police response to
adult and teen
domestic violence clearly can wipe out most of the
problem in a
community without being draconian. It is only when you
have tacit
encouragement for male violence from (small town?)
police departments
that you get wholly uncontrolled attacks on women such
as De Santis has

I served in several small town departments as a uniform
in a squad car. For several years in this state
(Washington) there is no "tacit encouragement" for "male
violence" or, for that matter, of "female violence" or
"domestic violence." If there was a complaint (possibly
by phone or on-view because a unit saw something or heard
something) and there was evidence of violence, either
overt or even subtle but defensible, there was an arrest.
The courts were also supportive of the efforts of the
field staff and most cases were resolved without repeated
incidents. Many times the social staff follow-ups
generated by the uniformed staff intervened with
favorable outcomes. We sat up and talked with many
families and frequently the social workers came out at 2
or 3 AM and dealt with the issues until breakfast but
there was no "tacit encouragement" of violence.

Herb Dempsey

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