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The National Eisenhower Equity Task Force -- which includes equity
specialists and project directors from the 10 Eisenhower Regional
Consortia and the Eisenhower Natiopnal Clearinghouse (ENC) -- have
produced both a cdrom- and Web- based compendium of equity materials,
some of which are on gender equity, with other materials regarding other
key equity dimensions. The materials are meant to raise awareness and
support equity-related professional development and preservice.
You can see this compendium (and download and use the original source
materials freely without restriction) at
If you have any questions about this resource OR
if you want to suggest additional, newer high quality materials OR
if you would like to encourage us to add other online resources to point
to (e.g., great Web sites, listserves, etc.) then please let me know and I
will pass this information on to the other members of our equity task
We have tentative plans to produce a 2nd edition of the cd-rom in a couple
of years and, in the meantime, plan to continuously improve our Web-based
compendium of materials. (Please note: the cd-rom is free, while they
last -- one reason we also went to a Web-based format too as there is no
limit to how many folks can use the materials in this medium and it can be
easily updated.)
Also, we will soon begin the process of developing a user's guide to
assist preservice educators and professional developers to use the
compendium in conjunction with preservice education and professional
development for teachers, counselors and administrators, so we are *very*
eager for your suggestions and experiences regarding ways in which you
find the compendium useful. Thanks, on behalf of the task force for
considering this resource.
Bob McLaughlin Co-Chair National Eisenhower
Equity Task Force and Co-Director
Eisenhpwer Regional Alliance for Math and Science
Education Reform
(802) 223-0463
On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Cynthia J. Mesh wrote:
> I've been surfing the web looking for a comprehensive/"clearinghouse" type of
> web site on the topic of gender equity in education....
> C. Mesh
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