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Am refering this to the listserve as this topic has come up before. I
encourage anyone with thoughts to share them directly with Dick Bruner,
the author who posed the quesry on ProfNet.
Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii
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BT--Comment or refer elsewhere if you like, but mainly I'm sending this
along because of mention about bill establishing commission ... possibly
of interest for your newsletter, other ...
**11. WOMEN AND HIGH TECH - ELECTRONIC NEWS. I am writing about women
in high tech industries. A new bill has been introduced to establish a
commission on women in science, engineering, and technology
development to explore whether employers recruit, promote, and retain
women at the same rate as they do with men. Basically, I want to know
why. Are women underrepresented because of discrimination? Are not
enough getting engineering and science degrees? Are they simply not
interested? I would like to talk with experts who have insight on this
subject as well as women who have dropped out. >>> Dick Bruner Email: [T::6/18:3147]
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