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Subject: Re: Boston, Quincy, San Diego, etc.
There are lots of small towns and states that have much better records
than our experience, and it is important to funnel experiences such as
yours into more resistant departments, counties, states--not just in
police work, but also in the district attorney's offices. We have some
major resistance going on in Sonoma County, which is mirrored in the
schools' approach to gender equity, particularly in the areas of sexual
harassment and sexual assault. Tell us more about your experience, and
how that might have encouraged equity in Washington schools.
Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates <lpurring@earthlink.net>
Brown & Dempsey wrote:
> I served in several small town departments as a uniform
> in a squad car. For several years in this state
> (Washington) there is no "tacit encouragement" for "male
> violence" or, for that matter, of "female violence" or
> "domestic violence." ....
> Herb Dempsey
> dempsy@ix.netcom.com
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