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Fri, 19 Jun 1998 03:18:55 -0700

Alexa said:
We can not look at issues of "gender" without also looking at other
social constructs of difference and inequality. Looking at race does not
mean using a biological analysis-- meaning biology causes inferiority or
superiority. Social constructs of gender, race, class,sexuality, etc.
are inextricably intertwined. Human beings do not exist within one
category exclusively. These categories overlap. It is often the
privileged caucasian that has the option to *not* look at/try to
understand the dynamics of race. The patriarchal, racist capitalist
social structure in which we live is the problem, and to change it we
must try to understand its complexity.
Right on Alexa!!
I would just like to point out one thing that actually race is not
biological. Most biologists agree that there is no biological
determinant of racial differences. Race is a social construct. It is
also interesting to note that race is a fairly recent social construct.
The concept of race as a classifier of humans, which was devised to
rationalize oppression and greed, is not much more than half a century
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