Ideas for 150th Anniv. celebrations
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:08:25 EDT

As you well know, 1998 marks the 150th Anniversary of the
Women's Rights Movement, launched by five women friends in Seneca
Falls, New York in July, 1848. Today we are living the legacy of
their determined efforts to achieve equal rights for all women.

I hope you'll agree that we owe it to ourselves and our intrepid forebearers to
bring this 150th Anniversary to widespread public attention. Here are a few
ideas to get your creative energy flowing:

The features editors of your area newspapers always need ideas for
timely articles. Suggest interviews with local organizations and
activists who are promoting women's rights today. Tell the editors about
the extensive background information (and media ideas!) available at
<<>>, and offer to help identify good subject
groups or individuals.

Your town's summer or fall parades need a contingent to celebrate this
150th Anniversary. Invite the Girl Scouts to provide a color guard
(carry flags), and women's organizations to join with their banners or
placards about the advances the movement has made. Everybody wearing
red/white/blue will make it clear that the Women's Rights Movement is
as American as democracy.

Show a video about the history of the movement for a brown bag lunch
where you work, a meeting of an organization you belong to, a high
school history class, or a general community program.

Offer to put together a display in local libraries, focusing on the
books in their collection or using the inexpensive materials available
through the National Women's History Project's catalog. Get a copy
free by e-mailing <<>>.

Whatever you decide to do, submit your program plans to
<<> to get them publicized on the national schedule!

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