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Linda, et al:

As the state Title IX coordinator at the Supt. of Public
Instruction Office and having served for the last four years on the
Governor's Interagency Committee for State Employed Women in Washington
State, I am aware that WA women have been making ground. Our k-12
anti-sex discrimination legislation was changed in 1994 to require local
public school districts to have, post and disseminate sexual harassment
policies and procedures. Also, our govenor directed state agencies to
have domestic violence policies. Additionally our state legislature two
years ago passed model legislation related to domestic violence which
set up a victim address protection system.

Of concern are some inquiries I have received from an
organization called the Independent Women's Forum regarding state level
gender equity laws and state Equal Rights Amendments. They call for
copies of these laws but do not explain their intent for its use.
Anyone from that organization care to respond???

Darcy Lees

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