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Cynthia J. Mesh (
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:48:21 -0700

Hi Paula,

Thank you for your note. I've gone back and surfed your site again and looked
carefully at your list of links with brief reviews. This is a great resource,
but it doesn't quite do what I have in mind, and what I haven't yet found
anywhere. Let me explain briefly the kind of site I think would be incredibly
useful IN ADDITION TO, or simply as an extension of what you already have up (I
sure don't want to duplicate anyone's work if it's already out there):

I think it would be extremely useful to provide a directory of links (and
addresses for those resources that have no web pages) by category, very
specifically devoted to gender equity in education. Your search by subject
works well for your list of links, but these aren't necessarily devoted to
gender equity in ed. specifically and this is what I would love to see in a
directory-type format. I would start with pre-K (and I saw very little if
anything on your site devoted to this area - I realize it's an area that is
often very neglected in the gender equity field, anyway), move on to elementary
ed, secondary, higher, vocational, etc... Then include subject headings for
other areas not limited by age (there would certainly be links that would fit
into more than one category) such as: math, science, technology; women's studies
programs; Title IX (there are more sites out there than those you mention);
scholarships, fellowships for women & girls; newsletters and publications
devoted to gender eq in ed (e.g. Marymount newsletter); non-profit institutions,
agencies, orgs devoted to gen eq in ed; teacher and professional training
programs (e.g. SEED by Wellesley Centers - by the way, I didn't notice a
link to Wellesley on page of hot links - did I miss it?); graduate programs with
emphasis on gender equity in ed (e.g American University MA in Education; George
Wash U dual MA in public policy and women's studies, with possible emphasis in
education policy, etc...); current research in education and psychology; and of
course, the list could go on, all the while staying very focused on gender
equity in education.

There are many more than 212 links out there in the above areas of interest, let
alone postal addresses for organizations not on web, and I really feel a
directory type listing in addition to an alphabetical one would allow people to
find groupings of resources on their specific topics more easily. In trying to
get a comprehensive pulse of what is going on in gender equity in education, I
have hoped to stumble across a listing like the one I describe, but haven't
found it yet. A site of this kind (or pages like this as an extension of your
own site) would definitely take a lot of work, perhaps even one person working a
good bit of the time to get it going then keep it current.

Does this make sense? Do you understand what it is I'm hoping to find and/or
create or help create? Please let me know what you think and if you feel there
might be room on your site to devote a separate or extended page of links in the
above type of format.

Thanks again for your reply and know that I and others appreciate the work you
do :)

Cynthia Mesh

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