RE: value of education

Sun, 21 Jun 1998 19:56:21 -0600

Marie De Santis accurately pointed out:
>> You miss the point entirely. Even if female part timers make the same as
>> male part timers, the part time work factor disadvantages women more
>> than men because there are so many more women part timers than men part
>> timers. Get it?

To which John Meyers replied:

> No, actually I don't, since that only proves that the demand for women part
> timers is greater than that of men part timers.

A typically simplistic economic analysis, John, and typically incorrect,
because it ignores any factors other than supply and demand. The
reality of sexism (and racism) in this country greatly distorts
supply and demand. There are more female part time workers because
women tend to have fewer options in the labor market, and therefore
are forced to take part time jobs more often than men. This is the
same market pressure which causes women to accept lower-paying jobs
than men.

-- Bob Tighe

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