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marie De Santis (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 13:35:04 PDT

Peter, you are wrong, wrong, wrong, school mass killings are not just a
US phenomenon.

In 1991, in Kenya, school boys rampaged the school girls dormitory. The

And though it's unclear from your message whether you're talking about
the US or North America, what about the 1989 school mass killing of 14
female engineering students in Canada by Mark Lepine who was angry at
"feminists" for taking HIS place in engineering school.

In both these other country cases the number killed and wounded was much
higher than the largest school killing in the US. Can you imagine the
monstrous mentality that hears the death screams and pleas and keeps on
killing, and killing, and killing some more?

School boy massacres are not just a US thing.

The Kenya case illustrates another important point. Guns are not the
cause of the problem. The Kenyan school boys perpetrated their carnage
without the use of a gun. Ni una pistola.

Eliminating guns will not eliminate the problem. Though keeping guns out
of the hands of boys is a worthwhile goal, this solution does not
address the root causes. With or without guns, boys grow up believing
they are entitled to violence, in particular to use violence to control
girls. With or without guns boys will find a way to subjugate girls
through violence until we directly target the boys beliefs that they
have a right to girl's subservience.


>To throw another light on the subject, I would like to point out that
>someone outside the USA, I see this phenomenon not as a male thing, or
>white male thing, but as a North American thing. I don;t recall hearing
>about schoolboys shooting their classmates in any other country - even
>countries where guns are very available, like Israel.
>Am I wrong or is there something about AMERICA that is behind this?
>After all, isn't children shooting each other just a logical conclusion
>of what appears to be a very violent society? Males make up half the
>population in every country, so that explanation isn't sufficient.
>Peter (in Australia)

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