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Jennifer McKinley (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 18:43:14 -0400

At the risk of sounding as though I'm encouraging a 'let's beat up on =
'North America' I too would like to add to what Peter from Australia =
wrote. I'm an Australian who has been living here in the US for the =
past sixteen months and my observations lead me to agree with Peter, =
that there is a great amount of 'tolerated' violence here. It seems to =
me that it is ubiquitous, as are guns. =20
Not only is there violence from those who perpetrate various crimes but =
the criminal justice system seems so violent. There is a whole =
different attitude towards crime and punishment from what I'm familiar =

One filled with retribution and little in the way of prevention or =
problem solving. It's as if the population as a whole says to those 'on =
the edge' "I've succeeded, you haven't and it's your fault" and of =
course everything here is always justified by that constitution. =20
Surely it's about creating a decent a civil society and how you go about =
achieving this? Surely somewhere along the way some other rights are =
given up so that the whole benefits, and not just by those who have =
failed to become the most successful, failed to become affluent and =
failed to gain the power.=20

I feel that there is a real resistance to honestly taking a hard look at =
the culture, to be critical of past icons and 'what used to be' and to =
perhaps one day actually look to other countries and see what they do to =
deal with cultural issues and problems. America is not always right and =
they are not the only democracy existing in the world.
It's quite paradoxical really as I can honestly say that very often I =
feel I'm living in the 'wild wild west' - and I live on the east coast! =
- where all problems are solved by 'might is right' and yet I'm =
constantly amazed by the conservatism.

Jennifer (New York State)

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