Sat, 20 Jun 1998 19:09:54 EDT

Why Violence Against WOMEN Act? Why not Violence Act to include men as
specified by the Constitution refering to equal treatment under the law? I
have worked with law enforcement agencies for 30 years and contrary to the
figures related to me, at EVERY agency I've dealt with, it was admitted by the
men AND women in those departments that women were responsible for initiating
violence over 50 percent of the time in every case.

In most cases, women were from a far cry first time abusers when THEY placed
the 911 call. Women have shelters and counselors to go to paid for with our
tax dollars. Men have no where to go. They have to stay there and take it.
Men might take physical and mental abuse for years, but the very first time a
man raises his hand in defence after years of tormenting, guess what. He goes
to jail.


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