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Ted Weverka (
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 14:12:17 -0700

Darcy Lees wrote:
> Of concern are some inquiries I have received from an
> organization called the Independent Women's Forum regarding
> state level
> gender equity laws and state Equal Rights Amendments. They call for
> copies of these laws but do not explain their intent for its use.
> Anyone from that organization care to respond??? >

Seeing your note I wrote the IWF and got the response below.
I believe their point is that as a public employee you
must either fulfill this request or not. It is not
proper to filter which requests you fill based on
your politics.

in email to me, IWF wrote:
>> Regarding the IWF inquiry to the WA
>> state Supt. Of Public Instruction as to the nature and
>> existence of state version of federal Title IX laws.
>> Is this information not public? Should it not be provided to
>> all who ask?
>> What does it matter what we "plan to do with it?"
>> What does the sender think they know about the IWF that would
>> prompt such a response?

I had a look to see if I could come up with the requested
information. Below is what I found. Let me know if it is
-Robert Weverka <>

Washington Law
athletics AND gender
Specific to Athletics:
RCW 28B.15.450 Gender equity--Intent.
RCW 28B.15.455 Gender equity--Goals.
RCW 28B.15.460 Gender equity--Tuition and fee waivers--
RCW 28B.15.465 Gender equity--Reports.
RCW 28B.15.470 Gender equity--"Underrepresented gender
class," "equitable" defined.
RCW 28B.15.475 Gender equity--Construction--

On funding of the underrepresented gender class athletes

Applicable to Education in general are all 8 links on page
Particularly, see

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