Gender & violence

Linda Purrington (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 17:01:18 -0700

Among the chilling incidents recorded within a week before or
after the Jonesboro, Ark., shootings in March, according to police: >
Covington, La. (boy, 12, and others, planting bombs in school);
> Cleveland, Ohio (boy, 4, brought loaded gun to day-care); Daly
> City, Calif. (boy, 13, fired a shot at the principal); Queens, N.Y.
> (boy, 8, took loaded gun to school); Indianapolis (2 boys, each 8,
> took loaded guns to school); Kennewick, Wash. (boy, 12, had a hit
> list of teachers and students to kill); Millersville, Md. (3 boys left 3
> unrelated bomb threats, and a fourth was arrested for plotting to
> kill a classmate); Greenville, N.C. (boy, 11, threatened to shoot
> several classmates); West Lafayette, Ohio (boy, 15, had a hit list of
> teachers and students to kill); Fond du Lac, Wis. (boy, 14, shot up
> a school door because of a bad report card). Also, when the
> Jonesboro Two were jailed, their neighbor was a 13-year-old boy
> accused of shooting a classmate in the face.
> * A 13-year-old boy was convicted in April of trying to organize a
> prostitution ring among his middle-school classmates in Reston,
> Va. According to testimony, a 12-year-old girl (whom the boy
> called "my main ho") recruited seven other girls, via threats, to pay
> for "introductions" to boys, and several boys paid $10-$20 each for
> sex, although there was no evidence that sex actually occurred. A
> police officer said the leader told him he was a "pimp" and had
> made $75 so far, which he had spent on Eddie Bauer T-shirts.

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