Still More Enforcement Concerns

Elizabeth Homer (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 18:59:16 -0500

Hi Everyone,

I think I mentioned this some time ago - that as State Title IX NOW
Education Task Force Chair in Michigan I have filed an OCR complaint
against the Pellston Schools for setting up sex segregated classes
(mainly as an experiment by the Middle School principal who is working
on his Ph.D.) The complaint was filed about a year ago and still
isn't resolved. It's very clear cut, since the principal went on
public radio saying it's really a project to give special help and
services to the boys, but because of Title IX they had to say it is to
help girls with math (I guess he didn't think NOW members up north
listened to the radio.) I believe OCR knows it is a violation, but
they aren't doing anything to enforce the law. I am worried this
administration is trying to appease the folks that favor sex
segregated education and will go on studying the matter forever. What
do you folks say?

I got the word that Title IX Advocates are going to the OCR talk by
Norma Cantu on August 19 at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco. Oh how
I would like to be there. I hope some of you can go. I think this
issue of enforcement of Title IX is a really big one and maybe she
will address it, if she knows how concerned we folks outside of the
beltway are. I was just reminded on NPR this week about the Clinton
administration's commitment to enforce Civil Rights Laws. I can think
of very little in the 25 year history of Title IX to point to in terms
of strong enforcement, here in Michigan or else where. It sure would
be a great time to start holding back federal funds over violations -
and this issue of sex segregated classrooms and schools is critical if
we are ever to reach equity and partnership. If you want more about
the August 19 speech let me know, or probably Linda Purrington has the
latest info.

Liz Homer

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