Equity project

Shalini Bhargava (rp6@rprogress.org)
6/30/98 10:41 AM

Hi, I'm working this summer at a public policy organization in San
Francisco, called Redefining Progress, and I'm interested in talking to
academics, policy-makers, and other people thinking about equity issues
across various disciplines (economics, philosophy, law, sociology,
gerontology, etc.).

My paper is a survey of the major conceptions of equity across disciplines,
including a study of intergenerational equity and the equity component of
the environmental justice movement.

If you would be willing to speak with me about equity, please contact me
here at RP:

email: rp6@rprogress.org
phone: (415) 781-1191, ext. 306

Thank you!
Shalini Bhargava

Shalini Bhargava

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