Re: More Enforcement Concerns

Sue Sattel (
Thu, 02 Jul 98 11:06:21 cnt

My opinion is that "they" wanted Clinton, so a more liberal decision on
employment sexual harassment, but that the educational sexual harassment
decision was closer to their guts, since there are so many students, so many
daily interactions, and so much "power" that would be shifting to them by a more
liberal decision.

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Subject: More Enforcement Concerns
Author: at internet
Date: 7/1/98 2:00 PM

Does anyone think it's odd that employers can now be held responsible
for sexual harassment in the workplace if they haven't taken proper
measures to prevent it, but the same principle doesn't hold for

Even though the Supeme Court voted 7/2 on the first and only 5/4 on
the latter, it is hard to understand.

Liz Homer

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